UK Schoolgirl Uniform Porn

Jun 8

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Well well well…which naughty girl has been wearing stockings and suspenders underneath her school uniform then?

It’s Amy Grayston, and so keen is she to show us her stocking tops and sexy black panties, she can’t wait to whip off her pleated skirt and get started! In the changing room, with only her favourite teacher (you) present, she wants to treat you to a private show of her advanced strip teasing. She doesn’t need lessons, she knows exactly what to do ;)

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May 20

uk schoolgirl lesbian porn

Sometimes, the sexiest schoolgirls are the ones who are least likely to fuck their classmates or their teachers. Beautiful but “pure”, saving themselves for someone special. And everything they need to know about sex, they practice on each other.

Welcome to the world of Lesbo Brits, where many of the schoolgirls are exactly like this. Self-described virgins, these girls are happy to experiment with each other but not with guys. Untouched, untainted and unspoiled, they radiate so much youthful beauty in their little uniforms and gym kits with very short skirts…

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May 10

uk schoolgirl licks lesbian teacher

Busty UK fetish milf Red is the perfect lesbian teacher, and it looks like she’s found herself the perfect lesbian schoolgirl!

“Advanced pussy licking” is of course an after hours class, voluntary for schoolgirls but highly recommended! Marks will be given for successful location of the clit, skilful technique, patience, sensitivity, and of course the quality of orgasm that teacher receives. Most schoolboys would fail at this task, but schoolgirls of course have the advantage of practicing on each other. So when it comes to exam time, their eager little tongues are raring to go!

This one’s a star performer. Has her teacher cumming in no time! And so impressed is teacher with her efforts, she licks the schoiolgirl’s pussy too ;)

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May 2

uk schoolgirl porn video

A naughty schoolgirl giving masturbation instruction and jerk off encouragement? They grow up so fast these days, don’t they!

Raised on a diet of internet porn, it looks like she wants to strip off that uniform and have you wank off over her! That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Apr 16

uk schoolgirl femdom porn

It’s amazing what the young ‘uns learn from the internet these days. They all know what CFNM is (“clothed female naked male”), and they decide to try it out on the teacher who lives in fear of these bullying schoolgirls. Stripping him of his clothes and his dignity, these naughty schoolgirls kick him in the balls, stamp on his arse, and squeeze his cock until he’s red in the face…

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Apr 8

Now we all know that corporal punishment should be very much a last resort, when it comes to giving discipline and punishment to naughty British schoolgirls. A necessary evil, if you will.

But what of repeat offenders? Schoolgirls for whom being bent over, having their knickers pulled down and having their arses spanked hard simply isn’t enough to mend their ways? Well in that case a more humiliating punishment is required. How about…making her lie face down on the table, in her school uniform, and being repeatedly whipped on both of her wobbling young arse cheeks until they are bright red? Yep, that ought to do the trick! She’ll have to learn one way or another…

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Apr 1

uk schoolgirl uniform lesbians

Ah, the favourite fantasy of lesbian schoolteachers everywhere! Take a good schoolgirl, and turn her into a naughty one! Or…take a naughty schoolgirl, and find out just how naughty she can be!

A striptease is the perfect way to challenge a sexy student, and measure her ability. Does the have the moves, the poise, the confidence? Does she fumble with the buttons on her shirt because her hands are shaking? Do her young legs tremble as she kneels on Teacher’s desk, excited by the prospect of what is to come? Has the schoolgirl, like the teacher, imagined this scenario time and time again in her head, wondering if it would ever come true? And now that she has the chance to impress her lesbo Teacher with her strip teasing and sexy body, will she grasp the opportunity?

I’m guessing the answer is yes ;)

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