UK Schoolgirl Uniform Porn

Mar 12

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

I’ve always thought that school uniforms look great on tall leggy girls. The early bloomers, sashaying around the schoolyard in skirts that get shorter as the legs get longer. Looking down from a great height at their statuesque classmates still stuck in sexless clothing. Guess who’s arse Teacher’s got his eye on?

Emma D is the brunette schoolgirl with a model figure in these pics from OnlyTease, in a temptingly short tartan skirt with knee length socks and slutty red heels. She’s eager to strip, so we might as well watch…

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Jan 31

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

If gorgeous glamour girl Michelle Hush was a naughty schoolgirl fucking her teacher, I guess it could be known as a “hush-hush affair”! Would probably be difficult to keep it quiet though, since all of her classmates and other teachers would have their eyes firmly fixed on her, looking so sexy in her college uniform with blazer, very short skirt and knee length stockings that bring attention to her sexy legs.

This pic is taken from one of the older sets at College Uniform. The quality of photography and cameras used has improved greatly since the older stuff, and the very high-quality images are very visibel on the site tour. But the girls have always been hot, and they really bring to life the fantasy of beautiful British girls in sexy school uniforms…

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl upskirt

Now believe it or not, there are some UK school girls who aren”t sex sluts, on for their third pregnancy. Some of these teens are still shy and coy, preferring the subtle art of teasing their teachers. This blonde babe is still learning her craft, figuring out the best ways to sit to give an “accidental” upskirt view. Perhaps she wants to reveal her cotton panties, perhaps not. She”ll just play it by ear and see what happens with teacher tomorrow.

But as the gallery shows, this schoolgirl teaser is capable of far more sluttish poses. She leans back on the bed, allowing her short skirt to ride up to her thighs, and give the best possible view of her knickers. And if all goes to plan in class tomorrow, she”ll happily bend over the desk and let her teacher fuck her from behind…

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl

I”ve always fantasised about seducing a bookworm student in the library. You know, she”d be as quiet as a mouse browsing the dusty books, and you could just slip in behind her. Brush up against her, make it look like an accident. Chances are she isn”t used to the attention of older men, so just gently touch her lower back or something. If she smiles and blushes, allow your hand to drift down to her tight little arse. If she says nothing or bites her lip, slip your hand inside her pleated skirt and fondle her pussy through her white cotton panties.

She’d be well up for sex in the library, wouldn’t she?

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Nov 9

uk school uniform porn

Now of course special schoolgirls have special privileges. Those who know how to wrap their teachers round their little fingers, can expect a little more leniency with regard to school uniform. The tie is optional, as indeed is the waistcoat. Knee length socks can be supplemented by high heels, to make them look like black stockings worn by older women. And while a skirt is preferable, especially a miniskirt, the sexy and promiscuous student can wear tight shorts if she so desires. She’’s fucking the teacher in the storeroom, so why would teacher complain about her choice of schoolgirl outfit?

And if the sexy school girl wanted to strip out of her skirt and shorts, to reveal her white bra and panties, then I guess that would be permissable too. Only once the less enterprising schoolgirls have left the classroom, mind…

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Another naughty British school girl enrols at St Mackenzies, truly the finishing school for bad students. Although if she’’s wearing stockings and suspenders to class, I can only imagine that she deserves whatever punishment may be cumming her way! And to further tease the teachers, she not only raises her pleated skirt, but removes it altogether. Looks like the rest of her school uniform is to follow suit, leaving her wearing only her lingerie.

St Mackenzies is the updated version of St Trinian’’s for UK schoolgirl uniform “purists”. They”re unruly, badly behaved and frankly need to be taught the error of their ways!

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Nov 2

british schoolgirl pics

Victoria is the type of willing student who brings a touch of class to, er, class. Looking more like a flight attendant than a naughty schoolgirl, she’’s the teasing babe who wants the teachers to believe that she’’s ahead of her peers when it comes to sexual awareness. While her classmates are fretting over their assignments at night, this schoolgirl tease will be out on dinner dates with wealthy businessmen, who will be in a position to do her favours when she finally leaves college. The careers adviser tells the girls to start networking young, but this one doesn”t need advice. She’’s got initiative and knows exactly what she’’s got to do. That’’s why she’’s fucking the teachers and her friends are only fantasising about it.

And if those micro miniskirts get any shorter, she might find herself thrust into the big wide world sooner than she thinks. The tutors cannot allow such wanton provocation and flouting of school rules…

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