UK Schoolgirl Uniform Porn

May 20

uk schoolgirl lesbian porn

Sometimes, the sexiest schoolgirls are the ones who are least likely to fuck their classmates or their teachers. Beautiful but “pure”, saving themselves for someone special. And everything they need to know about sex, they practice on each other.

Welcome to the world of Lesbo Brits, where many of the schoolgirls are exactly like this. Self-described virgins, these girls are happy to experiment with each other but not with guys. Untouched, untainted and unspoiled, they radiate so much youthful beauty in their little uniforms and gym kits with very short skirts…

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May 10

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Busty UK fetish milf Red is the perfect lesbian teacher, and it looks like she’s found herself the perfect lesbian schoolgirl!

“Advanced pussy licking” is of course an after hours class, voluntary for schoolgirls but highly recommended! Marks will be given for successful location of the clit, skilful technique, patience, sensitivity, and of course the quality of orgasm that teacher receives. Most schoolboys would fail at this task, but schoolgirls of course have the advantage of practicing on each other. So when it comes to exam time, their eager little tongues are raring to go!

This one’s a star performer. Has her teacher cumming in no time! And so impressed is teacher with her efforts, she licks the schoiolgirl’s pussy too ;)

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Apr 1

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Ah, the favourite fantasy of lesbian schoolteachers everywhere! Take a good schoolgirl, and turn her into a naughty one! Or…take a naughty schoolgirl, and find out just how naughty she can be!

A striptease is the perfect way to challenge a sexy student, and measure her ability. Does the have the moves, the poise, the confidence? Does she fumble with the buttons on her shirt because her hands are shaking? Do her young legs tremble as she kneels on Teacher’s desk, excited by the prospect of what is to come? Has the schoolgirl, like the teacher, imagined this scenario time and time again in her head, wondering if it would ever come true? And now that she has the chance to impress her lesbo Teacher with her strip teasing and sexy body, will she grasp the opportunity?

I’m guessing the answer is yes ;)

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl uniform

The relationship between teacher and schoolgirl is at the heart of many school girl fantasies. And as we can see in this gallery, all is not always well. This naughty schoolgirl pushed her teacher a little too far in class. Her school uniform may be hot, but even the sexiest schoolgirl outfit isn”t enough to spare her the wrath of Teacher. So the slutty teen is (rightly) bent over the desk, pleated skirt raised up, and has her arse spanked by Teacher’’s unforgiving cane.

But as we can see in the pic above, Teacher can forgive. Perhaps she feels a little guilty about the pain she’’s just inflicted on the schoolgirl’s tender young bottom, because she opens the school girl’’s shirt and applies a soothing tongue to her nipple…

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Nov 2

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Of course, naughty British schoolgirls come up with all sorts of excuses to their teachers, about why they stayed at home rather than attend class the previous day. But maybe one day, one (or two) of them might actually tell the truth. They stay home because it’’s much more fun. They can get up to all sorts of mischeif, like stripping each other out of their school uniforms and having lesbian sex.\n\nMakes you wonder where they got the sex toys from. They grow up so fast these days, don”t they?

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