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May 20

uk schoolgirl lesbian porn

Sometimes, the sexiest schoolgirls are the ones who are least likely to fuck their classmates or their teachers. Beautiful but “pure”, saving themselves for someone special. And everything they need to know about sex, they practice on each other.

Welcome to the world of Lesbo Brits, where many of the schoolgirls are exactly like this. Self-described virgins, these girls are happy to experiment with each other but not with guys. Untouched, untainted and unspoiled, they radiate so much youthful beauty in their little uniforms and gym kits with very short skirts…

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Jan 31

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

If gorgeous glamour girl Michelle Hush was a naughty schoolgirl fucking her teacher, I guess it could be known as a “hush-hush affair”! Would probably be difficult to keep it quiet though, since all of her classmates and other teachers would have their eyes firmly fixed on her, looking so sexy in her college uniform with blazer, very short skirt and knee length stockings that bring attention to her sexy legs.

This pic is taken from one of the older sets at College Uniform. The quality of photography and cameras used has improved greatly since the older stuff, and the very high-quality images are very visibel on the site tour. But the girls have always been hot, and they really bring to life the fantasy of beautiful British girls in sexy school uniforms…

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Nov 24

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

She might not look it, but this beautiful schoolgirl is nervous, and full of butterflies inside that tight young stomach. Tomorrow’s her big day, when she will finally tell her muscular male PE teacher that she has a massive crush on him. She’ll put on her tight little gym kit, because she knows how hot she looks when she wears it. But she’ll leave her pleated skirt on until the last minute, for when she gets those precious few moments alone with Sir in his office, to tell him how she feels.

And while he’s still reeling from the knowledge that she has a schoolgirl crush on him, she’ll move those little hips towards him and take off that skirt like the slut she aspires to be. She’ll let her teacher have the pleasure of taking off her knickers…

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Nov 10

schoolgirl tease

As they grow older and bolder, naughty British schoolgirls like to take liberties with their school uniform, to see what they can and can”t get away with. The skirts get shorter as the hormones kick in, until they”re wearing the kind of tight miniskirts worn by street hookers. Perhaps some of the chav girls are trying out their future careers for size. Council estate girls have to make a living somehow, as the child benefit will only stretch so far.

The glamour girls at College Uniform, however, have no need to prepare for a life amongst the underclass. But that doesn”t mean they don”t want to look slutty. Sophia is a leggy tease in school shirt, tie and tight short skirt. She’’s still figuring out her angles, which ways to sit that will show her panties…

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Nov 10

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

I’ve posted this one before, but I’ve got to post it again as that tight little schoolgirl arse really does it for me! The next time someone bangs on about “big booty”, I will show them this sexy schoolgirl as “Exhibit A”. Arses over asses every time!

Now if she ever went into class dressed like that, with her blonde hair in bunches, micro miniskirt, white stockings and suspenders, then I think that Teacher would be well within his rights to put her over his knee…

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Nov 9

uk naughty schoolgirls

St Mackenzies is the name of a sexy new British schoolgirl uniforms site, run by Headmistress Mackenzie herself. Mackenzie of course is a sexy UK glamour model, and is joined by some equally gorgeous British babes as naughty schoolgirls. The site is intended as an updated St Trinian’’s, and fortunately the school uniforms are much sexier.

The girls are glam and they like to pose, but not in an OTT way. What first struck me about the site was the shortness of the pleated skirts. There’’s definitely a schoolgirl experimentation thing going on with the bare legs, ripped stockings and heavy makeup. Headmistress Mackenzie might not approve, but I guess that’’s the whole point…

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Well now here’’s a naughty British schoolgirl who is most likely to get a telling off from Headmistress Mackenzie. Summoned to her office, she finds that the head isn”t there, so the student decides to have some fun by trashing her office! Dressed in a tight schoolgirl uniform with tight miniskirt, black stockings and slutty red panties, she kneels on the desk and parts her stockinged legs to give us a prolonged upskirt view of her knickers. It isn”t long before she’’s stripping off, right down to her sexy lingerie that is most unbecoming of a schoolgirl. And not content with that, she removes her bra and panties too, revealing her tits and arse in the Headmistress office!

I hope she’’s got a good explanation for such errant behaviour!

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Surprised to find naughty schoolgirls over at Hard Glam, but it seems they have quite a lot of them. Hard Glam is a UK fetish porn site featuring pornstar babes in costumes and sexy uniforms, so I suppose I should”ve figured sooner that they”d have schoolgirl outfits. Although not for much longer, if Renee Richards has her way. She knows she has to make herself look presentable to her teachers, but she really does insist on unbuttoning that school shirt, leaving a pert set of tits to go with her school tie.

I think it won”t be too long before she thinks of something more interesting to do with that lollipop than suck on it. Once she’’s pulled that pleated skirt up to her waist, and removed those pesky panties, I think she”ll slip it inside her pussy…

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Nov 9

uk schoogirl uniform porn

So what exactly are we doing in the schoolgirl’’s bedroom then ;)

I must admit, it feels nice and intimate in here. Nice and pink and girly, with a bunk bed for sleepovers. She should probably be changing out of her uniform if school has finished for the day, but perhapps this sexy student enjoys feeling hot and sweaty. I reckon she’’s from one of those posh private schools, where pleated miniskirt and knee length socks look refined and elegant. And where teacher and student sex isn”t quite so frowned upon, because it’’s all in the name of personal growth.

She”ll strip if you want her to. Relieve herself of the burden of that schoolgirl uniform, and those hot and sweaty white frilly knickers….

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Nov 2

uk schoolgirl skirt

What I like about this naughty schoolgirl is the hips. The way she provocatively thrusts her tight little arse in Teacher’’s direction, simply begging for cock. She doesn”t even bother to look over her shoulder with a teasing glance. She knows that the blonde hair in bunches, school uniform, pleated miniskirt and stockings say everything that needs to be said.\r\n\r\nOf course, Sir doesn”t have to fuck the horny school girl from behind, up against the wall. His wife is also a teacher at the school, so I”d advise discretion. But she doesn”t need to know, does she?

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