UK Schoolgirl Uniform Porn

Jun 8

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

Well well well…which naughty girl has been wearing stockings and suspenders underneath her school uniform then?

It’s Amy Grayston, and so keen is she to show us her stocking tops and sexy black panties, she can’t wait to whip off her pleated skirt and get started! In the changing room, with only her favourite teacher (you) present, she wants to treat you to a private show of her advanced strip teasing. She doesn’t need lessons, she knows exactly what to do ;)

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May 20

uk schoolgirl lesbian porn

Sometimes, the sexiest schoolgirls are the ones who are least likely to fuck their classmates or their teachers. Beautiful but “pure”, saving themselves for someone special. And everything they need to know about sex, they practice on each other.

Welcome to the world of Lesbo Brits, where many of the schoolgirls are exactly like this. Self-described virgins, these girls are happy to experiment with each other but not with guys. Untouched, untainted and unspoiled, they radiate so much youthful beauty in their little uniforms and gym kits with very short skirts…

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Apr 1

uk schoolgirl uniform lesbians

Ah, the favourite fantasy of lesbian schoolteachers everywhere! Take a good schoolgirl, and turn her into a naughty one! Or…take a naughty schoolgirl, and find out just how naughty she can be!

A striptease is the perfect way to challenge a sexy student, and measure her ability. Does the have the moves, the poise, the confidence? Does she fumble with the buttons on her shirt because her hands are shaking? Do her young legs tremble as she kneels on Teacher’s desk, excited by the prospect of what is to come? Has the schoolgirl, like the teacher, imagined this scenario time and time again in her head, wondering if it would ever come true? And now that she has the chance to impress her lesbo Teacher with her strip teasing and sexy body, will she grasp the opportunity?

I’m guessing the answer is yes ;)

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Mar 12

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

I’ve always thought that school uniforms look great on tall leggy girls. The early bloomers, sashaying around the schoolyard in skirts that get shorter as the legs get longer. Looking down from a great height at their statuesque classmates still stuck in sexless clothing. Guess who’s arse Teacher’s got his eye on?

Emma D is the brunette schoolgirl with a model figure in these pics from OnlyTease, in a temptingly short tartan skirt with knee length socks and slutty red heels. She’s eager to strip, so we might as well watch…

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Jan 31

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

If gorgeous glamour girl Michelle Hush was a naughty schoolgirl fucking her teacher, I guess it could be known as a “hush-hush affair”! Would probably be difficult to keep it quiet though, since all of her classmates and other teachers would have their eyes firmly fixed on her, looking so sexy in her college uniform with blazer, very short skirt and knee length stockings that bring attention to her sexy legs.

This pic is taken from one of the older sets at College Uniform. The quality of photography and cameras used has improved greatly since the older stuff, and the very high-quality images are very visibel on the site tour. But the girls have always been hot, and they really bring to life the fantasy of beautiful British girls in sexy school uniforms…

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Nov 24

uk schoolgirl uniform porn

She might not look it, but this beautiful schoolgirl is nervous, and full of butterflies inside that tight young stomach. Tomorrow’s her big day, when she will finally tell her muscular male PE teacher that she has a massive crush on him. She’ll put on her tight little gym kit, because she knows how hot she looks when she wears it. But she’ll leave her pleated skirt on until the last minute, for when she gets those precious few moments alone with Sir in his office, to tell him how she feels.

And while he’s still reeling from the knowledge that she has a schoolgirl crush on him, she’ll move those little hips towards him and take off that skirt like the slut she aspires to be. She’ll let her teacher have the pleasure of taking off her knickers…

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Nov 10

uk schoolgirl uniform

Sexy student Lily knows just how competitive British schoolgirls are. With every passing term, the skirts get shorter and shorter, as they flirt with their teachers more and more. But Lily’s going to outdo all of them, by bending right over and flashing her panties at her teacher. She’’s been fantasising about it for nights now, and tomorrow she”ll pluck up the courage to do it. The other naughty schoolgirls will think she’’s a slut, but Lily doesn”t care so long as she’s the one who grabs her Teacher’s attention.

Now get your homework done, get a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow you”ll be ready to roll…

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Nov 9

schoolgirl tease

Now teasing UK babe Candice is the type of naughty schoolgirl who can”t wait to get home and strip off out of her uniform. Some would rather slouch around and watch TV without bothering to change. But Candice is the type of enterprising school girl who probably has a hot date with a teacher lined up. He’’s seen her all day in her school uniform, pleated skirt and knee length socks. What he wants of an evening is something a bit more “womanly”.

That said, she might just leave her hair in bunches, to prove that she’’s still a very willing and eager student. And doesn’t she look slutty with her tits brazenly on display, and those white cotton panties around her thighs…

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Nov 9

uk schoolgirl upskirt

Now believe it or not, there are some UK school girls who aren”t sex sluts, on for their third pregnancy. Some of these teens are still shy and coy, preferring the subtle art of teasing their teachers. This blonde babe is still learning her craft, figuring out the best ways to sit to give an “accidental” upskirt view. Perhaps she wants to reveal her cotton panties, perhaps not. She”ll just play it by ear and see what happens with teacher tomorrow.

But as the gallery shows, this schoolgirl teaser is capable of far more sluttish poses. She leans back on the bed, allowing her short skirt to ride up to her thighs, and give the best possible view of her knickers. And if all goes to plan in class tomorrow, she”ll happily bend over the desk and let her teacher fuck her from behind…

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